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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Milwaukee to Detroit

After a few days back in Milwaukee we started our next family visit. We left WFB on our bikes and headed to the fast ferry for our trip to Muskegon, Michigan. It then took us about 4 days to arrive in Southfield at a leisurely pace. The weather cooperated and for half the trip the roads and drivers were fine. The other half was a little more trying. All in all, we have not found lower Michigan a great place to bicycle.

The highlight of the ride was our stop in East Lansing. That is where we met over 30 years ago. It was amazing how little had changed. The apartment complex where we both lived and met is still the same color and from looking in the windows has the same furniture we used. We went back to the place of our first date, along the banks of the Red Cedar that runs through the middle of the MSU campus. The apartment building where we lived the next year is still there and looks very much the same from the exterior. We even found some of our old hangouts still in business and, as is a tradition at the end of our rides, found a place to have a beer. And as always when we were poor students, found a happy hour. We spent the evening at the Kellogg Center which was not open to the public when we were in school, so it was a little special to stay there as well.

On the way into Southfield we realized we were passing through a city where a very good friend (since Dave was about nine years old) lives. We caught him on the way to work and he met us for lunch. For those of you who know a little about Detroit, you know they have a hot dog tradition. In Detroit, they are called Coney Dogs. That's a hot dog, with chili, mustard and onions on a hot dog bun. Well, it's been many years since Dave said, "two up, all the way". Boy, were they good, and this was not even Dave's favorite Coney place. Next time in Detroit or passing through the airport, you can stop at one of the Coney restaurants and try one yourself! Next stop is pastrami on the twice-baked sour dough bread that we have only been able to find in Detroit. On the way back, we'll need to stop at the truck scales for the weigh-in.

We'll be in Detroit this week visiting friends and family. Alyssa will join us for the weekend. Then, it's back on the bikes to Milwaukee via the ferry.


  • Marti and Dave
    So sorry to hear about your Dad. You know that he will be watching over you now, when you return to SA. Our deepest sympathy to you.

    Our hearts warmed so by the amazing pictures! Not only are we finally able to see what you have all experienced, our ability to see Steph's face and smile have made us feel like we are right there with her. You have done a "FINETASTIC" job with this blog and it was so informative and fun for all of us to see.
    Thanks so much for all your love and care for Steph and all the best to you both as you head back. You guys are the greatest!!
    The Frazier's
    Bill,Anne,Laura,Kimmy and STEPH

    By Anonymous Steph's Family - The Frazier's in Milwaukee, at 9:42 PM  

  • Marti and Dave
    I talked to Steph today. She was so sorry to hear about your Dad. She sends her love and prayers and wishes you a safe return to SA. She asked if you were going to get to Milwaukee...she wants us to meet you! Let us know if you are, because we would love to meet you too!! How about dinner at the Frazier's...we promise not to serve ...CHICKEN FEET...ha ha!
    Our email is
    Take care!!
    Bill and Anne

    By Anonymous the frazier's - milwaukee, at 3:02 PM  

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